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Change for chains

We know all about changing the look of your chain. A certain number of projects within a predetermined range of time? No problem!

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We rebranded 35 branches in northern Germany within two months (2012).

We changed the look of 650 branches all across Germany – new logo – within three months (2011).

Rebranding 300 branches all over Germany from 2009 to 2011.

We rebranded some 1,400 branches with our newly developed LED board version
(2010 through 2012).

Huge rebranding of REWE in 2006:
almost 1,000 markets got changed within three
months, with the new logos remaining hidden.
It took only one weekend to present the new
REWE logo everywhere. Ever since, various
smaller and larger changes.

We changed the logos of 730 branches and fourty outlet stores all over Germany within eight weeks (2011).

Within a few months, more than 1,350 branches all across Europe received their new logos (2009 through 2011).

The citibank logos made way for Targobank: the job was to change 350 bank branches in all of Germany, to hide the logos, and then to unveil them on a freezing winter weekend (2010/2011).

... and many more.