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Special installations

You are looking for something very special? Whenever a customer wants to come out with something really striking, we become more creative and innovative than you may imagine.
Take a look yourself:

For Statoil, in close cooperation with Light Tech, we created two breathtaking illuminated ceilings. Now, 250 fields of two by two meters are happy to compete with the polar lights in Oslo.

Our 57 LED panels increase the visual appeal of the new building’ façade, making the shopping center change its look from time to time.

Thanks to its modern RGB control system, the
logo can beam in countless color combinations.
The students can program and control the color
values themselves.

Some 1,100 meters of cables, 620 very delicate neon systems, and 135 transformers make the famous three-dimensional horses from Münster beam like brand new.

The logo shaped like a rocking horse is lighted by 520 red LEDs, and thanks to a heavy-duty revolving stage, it offers a splendid view all over Nuremberg.

A pedestrian bridge links the old center of Roth in northern Bavaria to its new shopping center, inviting shoppers to take a stroll. Thanks to its 15,000 RGB LEDs, which make the structure always look differently, the bridge spectacularly links the old and new centers.

Individual illuminated ceilings, spread over three floors, make Vienna’s luxury hotel a unique spot. We had to create 2,300 square meters of pressure cloth boxes. Each and every element is unique due to sprinkler systems, light elements, and integrated air conditioning technology.

A total of 385 meters of LED contours enhance the 27-meter high flagship of Spiel Station in Bochum.

... and many more.