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The bank branch of the future – smart use of digital signage solutions

Today, most customers carry out day-to-day banking transactions online, such as money transfers. As a result, numerous bank branches are closing, especially in rural areas.

In complex banking matters, however, clients continue to rely on personal advice – and that goes for every age group.

A personal meeting with insurance companies and service providers (such as health insurance companies) is one of the most important services. However, nationwide service coverage is very complex and expensive.

To fulfill this customer request, we have developed this interactive stele together with the designer and managing director of Proverda. It connects the digital world with the physical world.

In privacy-protected areas, customers can talk to their personal advisor, do not feel left alone, and will continue to benefit from competent counselling in the future. The first series of the steles has already been delivered.

Custom-made solutions – the steles are individually adapted to the respective branch.