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Our company’s history


  • Company being founded in September 1994 in Freystadt, by CEOs Berthold Metka, Rudolf Leitner, and Leonhard Guttenberger, along with fourteen employees.
  • 1,100 square meters of offices and production facilities.
  • Our first assignment: REWE orders
    a pylon for Penny Markt.
  • Udo Jäger joins the company as
    financial director. (Until January 2016 he was a CEO, along with Berthold Metka and Rudolf Leitner).
  • We have reached the
    first positive balance sheet position.
  • Our first assignment abroad:
    Media Markt in Poland.
  • Leonhard Guttenberger, after whom
    the company was named, quits.
  • Office and production surface being extended by another 1,000 square meters.
  • The number of employees has risen to fifty.
  • We move to our new building
    with 5,000 square meters of production halls, plus 600 square meters
    of office space.
  • We have been certified according
    to DIN ISO 9000:2001.
  • First installation outside Europe:
    a rotating advertising installation
    for OSRAM in China.
  • Our export increases substantially
    (Media Markt, Saturn, Telekom).
  • First branch in Dresden.
  • The number of employees
    has risen to one hundred.
  • Our turnover in 2004
    is about 10 million euros.
  • Production facilities being extended
    by another 1,000 square meters.
  • Foundation of
    ooo guttenberger+group in Russia.
  • First Media Markt opens in Russia,
    in Saint Petersburg.
  • Largest assignment:
    rearrangement of 1,000 REWE
    chain stores within three months.
  • Foundation of subsidiary guttenberger+digitaldruck.
  • We receive the
    “großer Preis des Mittelstandes” award.
  • We are awarded the 109th “job star”
    of the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg.
  • The number of employees
    has risen to 150.
  • Our office building is extended.
  • Porsche becomes a new customer.
  • Our number of branches in Germany
    has risen to seven.
  • We generate a turnover of 27 million euros.
  • Our activities abroad account
    for more than 25 percent of our business.
  • Our office building is extended again.
  • We receive the “Bayerns Best 50” award.
  • The Institute for Energy Technology (IfE)
    at the University Amberg-Weiden certifies we have a “negative CO2 balance” – in a positive sense.
  • The number of employees has risen
    to 200, plus another twenty for digital printing.
  • Organization of a research and development team.
  • Investment for an auspicious future: following the new milling unit and the sheet metal folding machine in 2011, we extend our machinery in 2012 by a new laser, plus an additional varnishing unit.
  • Our youth will become our future: we can boast twenty apprentices
    for six different professions.
  • We founded two subsidiaries: guttenberger lichttechnik GmbH offers high-quality LED solutions. And our online shop gone is released.
  • s.Oliver becomes our customer.
  • CI changes of chains: AWD disappears, Swiss Life turns up – and that within thirty days only.
  • At the same time, we convert 600 DER branches to their new corporate identity.
  • We celebrate our 20th anniversary.
  • New customers: we can convince Allianz as well as Versicherungskammer Bayern of our modular advertisement concepts.
  • Showroom 2.0: as the result of a project of our apprentices, our showroom becomes a stage. >> video


  • Region: NeuerMarkt in Neumarkt. Sometimes, the prophet has honor in his own country after all 😊 – and we are especially happy about this project in our hometown.
  • An innovative Porsche pylon in Berlin – with a live broadcast of the exciting installation of the three-dimensional stretched-banner coat of arms to the 25-meter high solar pylon.
  • Opening of our new sales office in Bielefeld
  • Our apprentices’ second project: they dressed up a small car with our corporate identity. The little one is now also available to the apprentices for private trips.
  • Once again, a proof of our sophisticated project management: even before the deadlines, we completed the conversion of our 630 branches of the PENNY neighborhood project.
  • Our subsidiary guttenberger digitaldruck spreads its wings. Udo Jaeger concentrates all his energy on our subsidiary.
  • EuroShop: we keep advancing in the digital age – presenting our breathtaking light show as well as our favorite products and our expertise in the world of digital signage.
  • New service offices in Saarbrücken and Düsseldorf are added.
  • Rudi Leitner leaves the company; since then, Berthold Metka has been responsible for the fortunes of the company.
  • We show our true colors, making our company headquarters shine in the brightest of all colors.
  • We now also shine in Hamburg: our eighth sales office was opened.
  • A good start into the New Year: we celebrate bright results during the otherwise weaker winter months.
Near future
  • Further expansion by opening
    further branch offices in Germany.